About Kortne

Any Information Please Call: 717-272-2054

Who is Kortne Stouffer?

On July 29, 2012 Kortne Stouffer went missing from her Palmyra Home early in the morning. She is 5′ 8″ tall and 115 lbs with green eyes and long blonde hair. Her distinguishing marks are a mole on her right cheek and several tattoos. One is on her right bicep that says “One Love”, another on her right foot that is stars, and a final one on her right hip of a pistol with flowers coming out of it.

Keep in mind someone could have easily changed her eye color with contacts or changed her hair by dye or cutting it. It has been over 220 days. She was last seen in Downtown Harrisburg at the Hardware Bar on Second Street and then at her Palmyra residence at 3:45 am on July 29 where it appears she was abducted.The reward is now over $42,000 for information that leads us to finding Kortne.

Kortne’s Interests and Hobbies

Kortne, as described by her closest friends and family, is a fun-loving, free-spirited young adult, who, with a passion for life, spends most of her free time outdoors, traveling, or with her family.

Kortne loves music. You could often hear her before seeing her car. She loves to sing and has sang in multiple musical shows and groups over the years.

Kortne is a lover of animals. She is likely to spend time each day walking around town with her dog; a black Labrador named Sheba that she got for her 8th birthday. Some of her favorite walking places include Thousand Steps in Mt. Gretna, Hummels Trail in Hummelstown, White Rock in Pine Grove and Dinosaur Rock in Palmyra. Kortne also loved to walk around Memorial Lake in Grantville. Kortne also has a pet snake she adores.

In the summer months, Kortne spends time tubing in various locations throughout the region. Some of her favorite places include: the Swattie, near Hosses in Hummeltowns, Long Level on the Susquehanna, Blue Marsh Lake, and near City Island in Harrisburg.

Kortne especially enjoys traveling, both inside and outside the state lines. In both September of 2011 and Memorial Day weekend in 2012, Kortne went to Massachusetts to attend a hippy festival called “Wormtown.” In May 2012, Kortne traveled to Sacramento, CA from Harrisburg International Airport. When Kortne’s mother got married in June 2012, she and the rest of her family spent the weekend at the Canna County Inn in Etters, Pa.

More About Kortne

Kortne has a strong love and appreciation for her family and isn’t one to miss any family events; she was present at her baby brother’s birth, his first day of pre-school, his Christmas program, his piano recital, and his pre-school graduation… to name a few.

Kortne is a lover of Chinese food and often has lunch at Panera Bread on a weekly basis. When it comes to her family, Kortne never misses a family meal, especially “if mommy is cooking.” Kortne goes home for family meals at least once or twice a month, many times which would include family birthday celebrations for her siblings, parents, or grandparents or even herself.

In early 2012, Kortne moved into her apartment at 810 West Main Street in Palmyra with her boyfriend. Kortne usually drove her boyfriend to work every morning and picked him up every evening from March 2012 until her disappearance.