This is Mommy, missing you so much Kortne. Today has been 227 days without you :( . It’s wednesday and I just want to call you and meet you at Pananra Bread for lunch…sadly I can not. Everyday is a painful reminder you are not home yet.
This week your “Bring Kortne Home” web page is started and there are commercials on ABC channel 27 running all week long…a big thank you to all the people helping to keep your story in the media- your beautiful face is everywhere-but home:(
The St. Pattys Day Parade is Sat and we are taking a truck with your picture on it and handing out “Bring Kortne Home” flyers… Oh yea, remember when we worked at that “womens conference” in Strawberry Square w the salon and the Parade was on that Sat. we went for lunch at that Irish Place- You said it was the best food you ever ate!! That was a great day!!
I hope we get some answer soon babygirl….
I’m so very sorry that it’s taking a while for me to find you….I will never give up!!!
I miss you so much Kortne!!



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