Missing 259 Days…..

Yearteday was terrible!!! We had to empty out the contents of your apartment. As a family we gathered together and packed all of your things, we cried and packed away what you were so proud to call your first real home as a “big” girl. B was there and because of him the apt had to be released…he wanted his belongings and wants to “move on w his life” and there was no longer any legal reason to keep it under lock and key….sadley I can not “move on w my life” not knowing where you are Kortne!! Packing your things was so hard- not knowing where you are or what happened to you is even harder. I have your stuff and i’m keeping it safe for you babygirl!!
Thank you Asst. DA for your long never ending hard work on Kortnes case and for standing by our side yesterday helping us thru this horrible ordeal! You have been a God send in all of this mess!!
Please Come Home Kortne…. your bday is coming very quickly.
I love you with all my heart and soul!!
I miss you sooo much!!
Your Family misses you and your siblings need you!!!

Never Moving On…Never Giving Up!!!

Kortne Come Home!!!!
Bring Kortne Home!!!

Love Mommy

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