Missing 361 days today….

No closer to answers about where Kortne is…

Almost One year has gone by…

Friends and family and kind hearted strangers stil wonder about whatever happened to Kornte…

Trying to keep her face in the news and on the internet and posters…

Found the “Project Jason” site online and Kelly has been so kind and understanding she too lost her son and understands my broken heart as well as all the other families out there who have lost a loved one and do not have answers as to what happend to them and where they are…..

I wish someone that knows something would tell somebody soon….

I miss my BabyGirl, my heart breaks everyday I can not find her….

We are “Remembering Kortne” at the Lebanon Area Fair-Rodeo on Manday July 29th 2013 the One (1) year date of her disappearance….

Remember Kortne…Lost but Never Forgotten…Always Loved!!!

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